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It has become apparent to our long established Exeter Cleaning Company that the industry is becoming saturated in Exeter.

It is a great shame to see long established and local companies such as Martins Cleaning Services finding that companies from other parts of the UK are coming into Exeter and the region for possible short term profit and no long-term gain.  While competition is great for business, and the adrenalin rush, and keeps everyone on their toes and is a fact of life – the current state of the cleaning industry appears populated in Exeter.

Martins Cleaning Services believe that quality service comes at a price and while we remain extremely competitive we remain in a position to provide a quality service as well as providing great customer service.

With new builds and the population of Exeter on the increase it is likely that cleaning companies new and old will retain as much work as previous.

We have cleaned carpets and upholstery in Exeter and Devon for over 10 years.  We are a local cleaning business supported by local businesses and the local community.

Going back to basics you will find that you will receive traditional values with Martins cleaning services – which is simply great service, ask our many delighted customers or check our reviews. 

Our clients are treated with the utmost respect, our staff are long-standing and dedicated to doing a good job, our customer service is outstanding, our work and standards are impeccable.  We listen to our customers. 

Call now for office cleaning,  carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in Exeter – 01392 670700

Cleaning Company information –

Q. Are you charging the right rates for cleaning services?

A. What comes into mind is that prices are possibly unstable in the Exeter area, cleaning companies are not charging the right rates for the labour intensive work that they do, including tasks out of hours effecting home and family life.

Q. What do you think is the right rate for various cleaning services?

A. There is no set answer to this, however if you are charging the same as say 5 years ago then is something very wrong?!

Q. Are you providing a quality service?

A. A quality service is not just based upon a pricing structure, it is also knowing and understanding the needs of your client.

Q. Is it that some cleaning companies are out purely to make a quick profit – and there is less emphasis on quality service?  Let’s ‘talk cleaning’ in our comments area.  Interact with Martins cleaning, here’s how …

We would look forward to reading your comments about this and other blog posts from cleaning companies throughout the UK.  Whether you are client or a cleaning company owner – Let us know your opinions and the challenges your cleaning company faces day-to-day whether that be carpet, upholstery or office cleaning.  Please choose your topic and post your comment using our dedicated comments area.

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