Carpets and professional carpet cleaning

There are many types of carpet within the market place available for fitting in your home or business.

Choosing carpet is not as easy as you might think.  There are many factors to consider –

  • When selecting your carpet consider all your options carefully.
  • A well laid, good quality carpet will last for many years.
  • A clean carpet – Professional carpet cleaning will extend the lifetime of your carpets.
  • Choose a carpet that will work with your colour schemes. (therefore reducing the need for replacement).
  • Consider using the same style carpet to link adjoining rooms.
  • Buy the correct underlay for the carpet being fitted.
  • Professional fitted carpets will be properly stretched and fixed therefore providing a neat overall finish.

Professional Carpet Cleaners –

A professional carpet cleaner will look for carpet that is correctly fitted, the gripper rods are correct for the carpet type, the carpet is correctly fixed to the floor.

A professional carpet cleaning company will also be able to identify the carpet type, there are many –  Saxony pile, Woven Jute, Twisted Pile, Looped Pile, Velvet Pile, Cut Pile, Cord Pile, Axminster, Wilton etc.

Whether hard wearing or practical carpet is chosen for the home or the office our carpet cleaning company is fully trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning and carpet identification.

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