Carpet moths, deep clean your carpet using the professionals

Clean carpet by Martins Cleaning ExterWhat causes carpet moths, for some of us we may not even know of this problem.  Some clients have already reported carpet moths in their carpet and are asking us for help.

First we need to look at possible causes of carpet moths.  Originally living in the wild living in humid conditions such as nests, they benefit from the warmth of animals and prefer dark areas feeding on protein fibres.  They are not far away from a water source.  Therefore with these conditions to consider it can be presumed that humidity has a part to play in the life of a carpet moth.

Why might they nest in your carpet?  Moths first need to find a way into your home. They can be attached to clothing or other items and once inside they seek a place to live and lay eggs.  They like warm and dark areas so it is common for them to find a dark wardrobe, skirting boards snuggled up to a carpet.

The main interest in your carpet for a carpet moth is the protein of natural fibres within your carpet, they can reproduce and spread for generations to come.  Once an egg is hatched the larva will feed on carpet fibres (process lasting between 68-87 days).  Eventually the process develops whereby further adult moths are produced.

More recently carpet manufactures has removed the process of application of insecticide as it was costly and also believed harmful to the environment.  The removal of this process could present an increase in carpet moth infestation, we really do not know for sure if this is the cause.

There are things that can be done to help, regular vacuuming will help to remove a percentage of larva and eggs.  It is probable that you will need a professional carpet cleaning company to provide a carpet cleaning service including thorough vacuuming and deep cleaning of your carpet.

Please be aware that any remaining eggs can still hatch and the larva will need to consume some fibres before they expire.  Therefore some clients may still find evidence of larva even after our treatments have been completed.  The action of deep cleaning may break the cycle of the infestation but may not prevent it returning in the future.

Martins cleaning recommend regular vacuuming and deep cleaning of your carpet.  This example shows what may be lingering in your carpet.

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