Carpet gripper rods and draught marks, we get a grip of your carpet!

There is many a time when we hear about clients receiving estimates by telephone and believe that an estimate is the final price when in fact an estimate is subject to change.

My heart often sinks when I hear some of the most bazaar pricing structures mentioned by clients when in fact a quotation and inspection has not even taken place.  Here at Martins we value our clients and your carpets, upholstery and fine fabrics and know that knowledge is key to ensuring that your possessions are cleaned with the greatest of care.

When we carry out a quotation we will not merely be focusing on pricing our company values your custom much more than that.  The main focus of our attention is on your carpet or upholstery and ensuring that we provide the best possible cleaning method.  Carpets can be wet or dry cleaned dependant on the fabric and makeup and our carpet pre-inspection will determine important factors including fitting of your carpet.

Mostly clients assume that carpets are properly fitted however sometimes this is not always the case, a badly fitted carpet can cause the carpet to be pulled away from the gripper rods.  On one such occasion we faced this delimma, our carpet technician rightly advised our client that it was likely that a small area of carpet could detech itself from the gripper rods as the rods where the wrong type fitted for the carpet. As it happened our expert opinion proved correct.  We not only cleaned the carpet to perfection at our clients request but also organised a qualified carpet fitter to properly re-grip the carpet using the correct gripper rods.

Have you ever looked carefully at your own carpet and wondered why there are dark lines mostly appearing near the edges of the skirting boards?  Did you realise that the marks are what is known as carpet draught marks.  Again a quotation and pre-inspection will determine this.  These stubborn marks can sometimes be removed with carpet cleaning but to really take hold of the problem insulation will need to be addressed as it is draught beneath the floorboards that causes this annoying inconvenience.

When we come to your home to quote and review your carpets we will look for many things;

  1. The fitting of your carpet
  2. Marks and stains
  3. Damage
  4. We will also carry out a safety analysis for our carpet technician and any pets, children and elderly in the home.
  5. We will also look at any other circumstances including protection of surrounding areas.

These are just some of the reasons why a quotation and consultation matter, an estimate by telephone could not provide all the vital information required when we come to clean your carpet.

We check your carpet fitting, draught marks, and provide an analysis before we clean your carpet ensuring maximum cleaning results.

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