Carpet cleaning, is it time to regulate the industry?

Is it time to regulateIt has been known by Professional Carpet Cleaners that the carpet cleaning industry is not yet regulated.  The NCCA has been working towards regulating carpet cleaning standards for sometime.

Customers are very important to us here at Martins Cleaning Services, Hamlin Lane, Heavitree EX1  and we always ensure that our customers are regarded with maximum respect and the best cleaning service that we can possibly provide.

We believe that the carpet cleaning industry owes it to the general public to regulate, based on a minimum requirement.  Carpet cleaners can be just about anyone, so do you know who is coming into your home or office?  The answer is unless you properly vet your carpet cleaning company you have no idea.

Unless you see genuine trading logos then you can assume that the company does not have any formal qualification and they are not trained by known industry professionals.  Such companies may claim that they have been trained, but unless ‘you’ the consumer thoroughly investigate you will not know.

To make sure that our customers know we operate successfully and professionally we make the following statement:

  • Your carpet cleaner is a CRB checked professional
  • We use only the best cleaning products from a reputable supplier
  • We can supply genuine references when requested
  • We are fully insured up to 10 million
  • We have never had an insurance claim with over 10 years experience
  • We already have thousands of delighted customers
  • We are fully trained by the NCCA and Prochem to clean carpets, upholstery, rugs and floors
  • We are BICS trained assessors for the commercial cleaning sector

We believe a minimum requirement should be in place because carpet cleaners are working with the general public including children and the elderly.

The carpet cleaning industry owes it to the public to rid itself of rogue traders and poor workmanship, that is why we are accredited by the Devon County Council – Buy with Confidence Scheme.

Here is some advice about how to avoid rogue traders –

If you are searching for a carpet cleaner do check that they are qualified by a genuine organisation, they are CRB checked, they have insurance.  If you need to see genuine references then don’t be afraid to ask, a few photos or a typed reference could mean anything and can be just a marketing gimmick.  Look for genuine trade logos such as the NCCA and Buy with Confidence when choosing a carpet cleaning company.

Don’t just base your decision only on price but also on the cleaning that can be provided backed up by a written statement of works and quotation in writing.  Remember that you do have a cancellation right.  Do also look at doorstep selling rules, and consumer rights – probably found on sites such as consumer direct.

I hope the above is helpful and look forward to receiving comments to this post.  We hope that this post will prove helpful to anyone seeking a trades person into their home or office.



NCCA- National Carpet cleaners Association – Where you see their logo with a number this will be a carpet cleaner that is a member of the organisation. The NCCA train all their members with a ‘practical’ and ‘written exam’ following intensive training and includes carpet and upholstery identification – this is a requirement of NCCA membership. 
TACCA – Brings professional carpet cleaners together with a minimum standard, including professional cleaning equipment, insurance, and a minimum of 2 industry accreditations.  TACCA does not provide carpet cleaning training – and this is reflected within their website.
Martins cleaning services is recommended or approved by the following industry professionals – NCCA, TACCA, Devon County Council Trading standards ‘Buy with confidence Scheme’ and Which.  Martins cleaning service EX1 is currently the only qualified carpet cleaning company in Heavitree Exeter – see NCCA.
There are other industry professionals such as BICS and woolsafe, to name everyone would be difficult but if anyone would like to write on our comments about other industry professional organisations, please do – all comments are moderated.
Thank you for reading – You may post comments and genuine opinions to this post.


We would like to thank SPS Marketing for their support.
– The above statement constitutes the opinions of our company and we recognise that any decision is for the consumer to make in all cases of choice.
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