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Our company provides excellence carpet cleaning throughout Devon.  We prefer to provide our clients with a free quotation and consultation in the comfort of their home for all carpet cleaning as it is with this method that we can thoroughly identify carpet conditions.

A telephone call from a customer provides general carpet cleaning observations however it can also be misleading when there are so many varied carpet types available to purchase.  Our carpet cleaners have expert knowledge and experience with all carpets available from identification to common faults, fitting faults and stains. 

If you are serious about having your carpet professionally cleaned kindly invite our experienced carpet cleaner into your home prior to work being undertaken so that we can fully inspect your carpets and provide the excellence service that you deserve.

Carpet Stains

We will always make an effort to attempt to remove unidentified stains present on all carpets.

We will always recommend that you contact a professional carpet cleaner as it is possible that you may have inherited your carpet from a previous owner or tenant.

You may not have the knowledge to tell us what caused various stains or it could be that time has lapsed and you have forgotten.  Without knowledge you may not know the history of the carpet stain and any treatment that has been already applied.

Having just booked carpet cleaning for a through lounge, stairs, landing and bedroom carpets that require professional cleaning for our client in Honiton, we have noted that there are some stains present and these will be permanent.

We have made our client fully aware, the decision for carpet cleaning then is with the homeowner or tenant to decide, we will not pressure sell and only provide you with solid advice and the foundations for you to choose if you wish to have your carpet cleaned.


While visually we may be able to identify certain staining it is sometimes not always possible to remove them due to age, carpet type and any previous treatments already applied. Please contact Martins cleaning services for professional carpet advice and bookings.

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