Carpet cleaning Exeter, St Leonards, Magdalen Road, EX2

Emma Solley Photography, Magdalen Road, St Leonards Exeter EX2 has been a client with Martins cleaning services for many years and has enjoyed carpet cleaning both for her home and commercial business.

Carpet cleaning Exeter

Carpet cleaning Exeter

It was a pleasure to provide carpet cleaning in St Leonards Ex2 this week to Emma’s photographic studio and carpet cleaning of her hall and stairway.

Contact lenses and spectacles, another local commercial business in St Leonards Exeter could see our work being undertaken and asked that we also clean a rug for their commercial business.  It was a pleasure to assist both Emma and the Contact lense practice in Magdalen Road, Exeter EX2.

Emma is enjoying some holiday at the moment but is looking forward to obtaining new business for Emma Solley photography in the New Year, her portfolio is amazing and Emma is so friendly we can only recommend her highly to our Exeter carpet cleaning clients.

Having undertaken the carpet cleaning in the Studio, we also cleaned the hallway and stair carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning Exeter

Professional carpet cleaning Exeter

We were pleased to undertake carpet cleaning for Emma Solley and  contact lenses and spectacles in St Leonards Exeter.

The Studio looked really clean when we had finished our work and the rug was much improved, showing that carpet cleaning and rug cleaning can make all the difference to your commercial business and home.

Thank you Emma you are always a joy to do business with.  We are delighted to also obtain a new client in Magdalen Road, St leonards Exeter, so thank you for recommending our services to the commercial premises downstairs.

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