Carpet cleaning Exeter, Barnfield Crescent EX1

Carpet cleaning Exeter EX1

Carpet cleaning Exeter. Barnfield crescent EX1

Commercial carpet cleaning Exeter:

We had a very busy day on Friday 19th October 2012 cleaning commercial carpets in Barnfield Crescent Exeter.

Carpet cleaning of homes and offices throughout Devon you can be assured of quality service from Martin and Natasha.

The advantage of using our carpet cleaning service is that our machinery is advanced and well maintained, leaving your carpets dryer quickly, meaning you have little disruption to your home or business day.  Clients return to Martins for cleaning facilities because they know they will receive a quality carpet clean every time.  Carpet cleaning will impress your clients and your workforce improving your environment for everyone to enjoy.

You can see the stains being removed from the carpet and our client in Barnfield Crescent Exeter EX1 was delighted.  For expert carpet, stain removal and rapid carpet drying times call us at your convenience.

Not the best quality video due to sunlight we agree, however you will clearly see the carpets have received quality cleaning, we have added some pictures below –

Carpets are rapidly dry within a few hours:

 Professional commercial carpet cleaning –

Carpet cleaning Exeter

Carpet cleaning Exeter

We have deliberately taken this picture to show the clean area of carpet against the soiled carpet.

The quality of carpet cleaning is obvious.

More offices and homes are choosing Martins as their first choice for carpet cleaning in Devon because they have recognised that quality service is available and affordable rather than replacement.

The dirty water from soiled carpets was obvious for all to see –

Dirty water from soiled carpets

Dirty water from soiled carpets

Health and safety is priority for all commercial and residential homes that require any type of cleaning service.  Even the buckets are carefully selected!

There will be an announcement in the coming weeks so keep reading, it will give you even more reason to select Martins Cleaning Services for carpet and office cleaning in Exeter and Devon.

Call our friendly and reliable office to book your home or office carpet cleaning.  A fresh clean office will be welcoming for your clients and staff and likely to increase your sales with a beautiful clean office environment to show the world!

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