Carpet cleaning technology –

If you have come to Martins cleaning services for carpet and upholstery cleaning or floor cleaning make no mistake you will not be disappointed!

With carpet cleaning technology improving, our company will not sit back and accept second best for our customers.  We invest in your carpets and fine furnishings and therefore our carpet cleaning machinery is not only maintained to excellent standards, cleaned thoroughly so that you know your carpet is cleaned to perfection.

Gone are the days when only portable carpet cleaning machines are used.  With advanced technology and investment, Martins cleaning deep clean your carpet and leave it cleaner and dryer.

Avoiding DIY carpet cleaning –

The products that we use to clean your carpet will not be ‘foam based’ causing a magnet for dirt but an appropriate product gentle for your carpets and industry approved.  We know that our carpet clean is fantastic and our clients say so themselves.  Having tried and tested a hired carpet cleaning machine, much what a householder could hire, we can see a vast difference in cleaning ability and know that professional carpet cleaning provides thorough deep cleaning of carpets.

The cost of our machinery (thousands of pounds) result in machinery that is powerful and advanced for carpet cleaning.

Technology moves on another step –

Having used a portable carpet cleaning machine for some years we can say without doubt that customers receiving truckmount carpet cleaning are exceptionally delighted with our service.  The main reason is that the quality and power of a truckmount carpet clean is exceptional.

No it will not damage your carpet as those that do not have one may state, it will only thoroughly deep clean your carpet.  Technology has once again moved forward and Martins cleaning has just invested in a NEW carpet cleaning machine.  Our latest arrival has the versatility of a portable carpet cleaner but also the capacity of cleaning as a truckmount carpet cleaning machine.  Water tanks mean we use our own water when required.

Steam carpet cleaning –

How often are we asked for steam cleaning of carpets?  Steam cleaning is hot water extraction carpet cleaning and actually the incorrect technical term used.

When you book carpet cleaning expect to be asked questions about your carpet type, it’s construction and measurements, we prefer to provide a free consultation and quotation appointment prior to cleaning.  If you require an estimate by telephone this will only be a guide, the reality is that we need to fully inspect your carpet prior to cleaning to provide pristine carpet cleaning and a fair price.

We would much rather visit you and inspect your carpet or rugs so that we can make a professional decision about the correct method to clean, the correct products to use, assess any difficult areas including any health and safety issues that our carpet technicians may need to address.

We will ensure that your carpet cleaning experience is one that you will remember for all the right reasons.  Our carpet technicians are fully trained so that your carpets are serviced to the highest standard.

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