Carpet cleaning company that pre-inspects carpets

A good carpet cleaning company will pre-inspect carpets with their clients before undertaking any work.

Carpet cleaning company Exeter and Devon

Carpet cleaning company Exeter and Devon

With so much emphasis now on cost, clients do ask for estimates by telephone.  With regret this has come about by companies that do not fully understand that a pre-inspection is the most important part of the carpet cleaning process.  While we reluctantly provide estimates by telephone we do encourage clients to book a free quotation and not base their service purchase purely on cost.

Our telephone operators do not provide quotations by telephone, the most that we will be able to provide is a very rough estimate.

So many times we read articles about carpets that have not fully dried due to wrong estimations about carpet types, products or failings by the company themselves – including machinery that they simply have not maintained or renewed.

Over wetting a carpet is a common reason for carpets not to dry in sufficient time.  Generally speaking drying times do vary according to the carpet type.  Most carpets you would expect to be fully dried later that day or the next.

We were horrified when a client rung in recently asking us to re-clean their carpet – saying that they had hired a very well known machine in the market place and cleaned their carpets on a Saturday yet the carpet still had not dried by Tuesday!  They wanted us to clean the carpet properly and were completely disappointed that they had hired at cost and had to have the carpets re-cleaned due to the poor results.

The result of a pre-inspection will determine the correct cleaning method is applied and that drying your carpet is possible with or preferably without the use of a turbo dryer.

Professional carpet cleaners with training and experience such as Martins Cleaning Services in Exeter have training and worthwhile experience to clean all makes and types of carpet, whether that be wool or man-made fibres.

A pre-inspection will ensure that we have followed through everything that we need to know about your carpet prior to cleaning so that on the day there are no errors just clean carpets.

About carpet cleaning estimates:

An estimate is not a firm price it is only a guide price. When an estimate is provided by telephone we have not seen your carpets nor the house or situation for cleaning materials and machinery.  We can only be guided by the information that you provide.

Qualified carpet cleaners are fully experienced in identifying carpet types and potential situations that may occur when cleaning takes place.  It is a wise move to hire the services of a qualified professional carpet cleaner and ensuring that a pre-inspection with your quotation has been provided.

Do not hire the services of a carpet cleaner with only price in mind, think about the expense that your carpets or upholstery cost in the first place.

Martins cleaning services value your carpets and furnishings, call our Exeter and Devon based carpet cleaning company for quality workmanship today 01392 670700 Cleaning and drying your carpets correctly.

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