Carpet beetles, woolly bears

Carpet BeetleHave you been visited by the carpet beetle, one of the most destructive home pests – if you find 1/8 inch long slightly hairy sloughed-off insect skins in your home then it is likely that you have come across the house carpet beetle.

They live on dead animal matter outside the home, then bringing this into the home and into your carpet.  The carpet beetle is about the size of a small ladybird and lives in cracks around the edges of carpet.  They have an appetite for protein, not only do they eat silk and wool but also man-made fibre, when they can find food left behind.  Vacuuming is important so that they find feeding more difficult however when they find food they will not only eat that but also your carpet leaving holes behind!

To get rid of them will prove a difficult task.  Cleaning everything and we mean everything including clothes is a big step but one that must be taken.  Separate clean clothes and cover these carefully.

If you can find a product called Borax this may help you remove them, it is a naturally occuring mineral, widely used in detergents, disinfectants, and pesticides.

Borax is a relatively safe substance with low toxicity for humans and household pets, however it can still pose health hazards and should be used with caution.  It may be difficult to find.  We recommend that pets are not kept within areas where the product has been used as it is toxic!  Should the problem become so difficult it may be that you need to hire a pest control company to help.

Carpet beetles do not just effect carpets, they can also damage floors such as wood, therefore if you decide to use Borax on floors it is recommended that you patch test a small area first so that you do not cause any further damage.

Within 3 – 10 days the insects are killed by the poison within the product.  It is important that you continue to clean carefully throughout the process.

When you reach a stage where it is likely that the problem is solved we recommend professional deep cleaning of your carpets.  Deep cleaning will remove any contaminates within the carpet and the carpet pile.

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